Turnover boost in e-commerce with the 360° STUDIO Kit

Create 360 degrees product photos yourself, in a matter of minutes – with soft- and hardware from one source. Get digitalization started!

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Das 360° Studio-Kit

Compatible with these and other shop systems:

SAP Hybris
Woo Commerce

The 360 degrees STUDIO KIT – soft- and hardware in perfect harmony.

Das 360° Studio-Kit

Present your products in intricate detail from all perspectives as 360 degrees product photos, in 2D, 3D and as a video – using a fast, uncomplicated and efficient process: with our automated all-in-one solution. This consists of 360 degrees STUDIO software and a turntable which has four different sizes, ranging from 30 kg to 4,000 kg loading capacity, to meet every requirement needed. With this system, you achieve the best results – from small objects to those the size of a car. All sizes are compatible with all brands of cameras, which means you really can get started at once. Or you take a look at our wide range of high-quality LED lamps, the appropriate single lens reflex cameras and objective lenses – we are happy to advise you on which are the most suitable for your product.

We help you to integrate the equipment into your photo room. Naturally, we can also work with you on setting up a new photo room. Following this, we give you our support in the shape of comprehensive training with the 360 degrees STUDIO KIT, though you will be quick to notice how intuitive and uncomplicated the workflow functions from this point on. Our 360 degrees STUDIO software runs on Windows and Mac and is  open source, which makes modifications and changes possible at any time – without us, too.

The generation of a 360 degrees animation takes less than 3 minutes (plus preparation), and from now on, thanks to the innovative clean technology, you are spared the time-consuming manual cropping process. The 360 degrees animation can be freely scaled and uploaded directly to your shop system.

Intuitive operation with the 3D viewer – try it out.


The 360 degrees product photos are shown on the screen with euroviewer 5.0. This is a component of the 360 degrees STUDIO software and makes the operation particularly convenient. The algorithm transfers even a small number of single photos into a fluid rotation, and is thereby compatible with all common browsers.

Detailed full-screen mode

Switching easily to full-screen mode shows the full potential of your products over the whole screen.

Easy zoom function

The 3D viewer recognizes the end device – thus, your product photos can be zoomed and rotated very easily via the mouse and touch gestures.

Intuitive operating assistants

The animated tool tips of the 3D viewer are a useful operating support where necessary.

Modern navigation bar

The navigation elements can be visually adapted to match your company’s corporate colours, and thus be integrated perfectly into your shop.

Maximum compatibility

The 360 degrees product photos are html5 files and only require a browser to be viewed and displayed.

Short loading times

Through the use of WebP graphic formats, file sizes are reduced and loading times shortened.

Always the right spin – the correct device for your products.

Present in intricate detail and increase your conversion rate

You will find 4 different sizes in our bandwidth of automated 360 degrees systems, which facilitate a uniquely precise and attractive presentation for your customers – from the smallest object to a car.

Drehscheibe XL
Größe M

Size M

Ø 40 cm diameter, can be extended to Ø 100 cm diameter (optional), can carry up to 30 kg

Größe L

Size L

Ø 60 cm diameter, can be extended to Ø 100 cm and Ø 130 cm diameter, can carry up to 70 kg

Größe XL

Size XL

Ø 60 cm diameter, can be extended to Ø 100 cm and Ø 130 cm diameter, can carry up to 150 kg

Größe XXL

Size XXL

freely configurable, up to Ø 450 cm diameter, can carry up to 4 t

An overview of our turntables – for 360 degrees product photos, down to the last detail

Get a detailed 360 degrees animation in three easy steps

Drehteller mit Felge

Step 1

Generate single photos

You position your object on the turntable, and all the single shots necessary for the 360 degrees product photo are photographed and cropped in a fully-automated process from different perspectives.

Laptop mit unserer Software

Step 2

Render the animation

Our 360 degrees STUDIO animation software generates a photorealistic 360 degrees product animation of your object from these single photos. You only define the parameters you want to have once, such as initial size, zoom factors and watermark, etc., and allocate an article number.

Fertige Animation

Step 3


Now the perfect presentation of your product is ready. It can be freely scaled with regard to resolution, design and size of window, and then be directly integrated into your shop or forwarded to trade and sales partners.

Compatible to almost every shop system

Our software also boasts of a convincing modular architecture, by means of which it can be integrated effortlessly into just about every current shop system – without any plugins at all.

If your shop system is not listed here, please contact us and we will find an individual solution for you.

SAP Hybris

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